Get featherweight payroll with our contracting tool

Have you found good candidates to hire as flexijobbers,job students or interim staff?' Save time and costs by having your payroll automated with AbsoluteYOU's contracting tool. Your temporary employees register quickly and remotely via our website or app. Afterwards, you enter the personnel planning and we draw up the temporary employment contracts. Finally, you approve the hours worked and we take care of the smooth and correct remuneration.

Do you already use existing contracting tools? Because we do payrolling via API, we can integrate your apps into our platform seamlessly, quickly and securely. This gives you one paperless system for all your administration.

About the app

  • Remote enrollment of all statutes (job students, flexis, extras, temporary clerks and workers) for employment in the hospitality, recreation or event industry.
  • Delivery of peak agency contracts 24/7.
  • Automatic execution of all your legal and administrative obligations, such as dimona declarations.
  • Saving costs through our favorable prices that are lower than interim offices and social secretariats.