The inflation we face in the coming months may give you a headache. Inflation of over 9% and bills going up does not go unnoticed by anyone. Whoever says inflation also says wage increases, or at least in most cases. The Federal Planning Bureau, which makes projections related to indexations, also released new data for the coming year as a result of the past few months.
Starting in January 2023, we can expect a tremendously fast and high wage indexation, some even calling it historically high compared to the past 10 years.

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Indexations, what does it mean?

The Federal Planning Bureau monitors the central index and makes projections based on it regarding wage increases. The pivot index shows how expensive life will become. If prices rise & life becomes more expensive, social benefits and salaries of public employees increase by 2%. 
In the private sector, this does not happen automatically. In fact, each sector has its own timing for this. Also, the percentage of indexation can vary greatly depending on the sector in which you are employed. If there is an annual wage indexation such as in the hospitality industry, this often happens on January 1. Other sectors, such as construction, index on a quarterly basis. 


For whom?

Social benefits and wages of government employees already underwent several increases recently. Other sectors will soon follow. The Federal Planning Bureau foresees a possible indexation of 10% on January 1, 2023 for some sectors. These include supplementary joint committee employees (PC 200), hospitality industry (PC 302) and workers in the food industry (PC 118). 

Are you not an employee, but an employer? Then you should take into account that the wage cost will increase for your company. 

Although there is some doubt if the indexations will actually go through or perhaps be partially postponed at the request of employer federations. They want to make sure that payroll costs remain under control as well as that not too many companies go under because of all the huge price increases of the past period.


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